All Are Welcome


Archery knows NO gender.
Archery knows NO age.
Archery knows NO body type, nor ability.

Archery is a sport that ANYONE can be a part of.
Best of all, its available ALL YEAR ROUND!

No matter if you are discovering archery for the first time, a recreational archer, or you are a competitive athlete looking to sharpen your skills in order to win; we have an archery program suited to meet your needs.



Our Adult Development Programs


There is a $10 late fee added to all registrations after the deadline.



Adult Basic Class (Ages 18+)


This is a fun and interactive way to discover archery for the first time. Whether you have shot before, or just getting started, this class is a great place to begin. Certified coaches are there to assist with safety instruction and will introduce you to the National Training System (NTS). The cost includes 6 weeks of lessons and equipment rental (bow, arrows and quiver). Youth may participate in this class with a parent if they are over the age of 15.

The cost of the class is $70 for 6 classes over a 2 month period. This class is offered on Thursday. Each class will be one hour in length.


Adult Intermediate Class (Ages 18+)


This class is for those who have successfully completed the Adult Basic class. In this class each archer will continue to develop a greater understanding of the shooting process along with greater body control and awareness. This class will be the link from being a recreational shooter to those interested in becoming a competitive athlete.

The cost of the class is $80 for 6 classes over a 2 month period. This class is offered on Tuesdays. Each class will be one hour thirty minutes in length.

Archers must have graduated from Adult Basic before enrolling in this class.


Adult Competitive Class (Ages 18+)


After becoming familiar with the National Training System and the requirements of becoming a competitive archer, this class is intended to prepare students with the tools needed to advance in the sport of archery. These tools can help earn you a spot on the Junior Dream Team or the Resident Athlete Program.

Participants will be required to:

  • Be self motivated and responsible

  • Maintain a weekly Training Plan (at least 4 days a week)

  • Complete Weekly Logs

  • Maintain an Athlete Journal

  • Develop a written Goal Worksheet

  • Have no more than one unexcused absence from class

  • Maintain a satisfactory KPI (Key Performance Indicator)

  • Attend at least two sanctioned events per year (at least one state level and one national level event)

  • Have their own equipment

The cost of the class is $80 for 6 classes over a 2 month period.  Each class will be one hour thirty minutes in length on Wednesdays.